Enter The Samurai

Resident Evil. What springs to mind when I say those words? Perhaps a favourite survival horror video game? Perhaps a massive film franchise? Maybe both. For me when I think about Resident Evil the first thing that pops into my mind is the Samurai Edge. What is a Samurai Edge? In short, it’s a pistol. More specifically it’s a customised Berreta M92fs, with most members of the S.T.A.R.S. teams having their own unique model. They’ve appeared in numerous games and I do believe the most recent, and last of the Resident Evil films. If you frequent Airsoft sites or even websites you have probably seen one in some form or another. Tokyo Marui (TM for short) made the first one and since then WE and other companies have followed in their footsteps. I had one of the first ones, the old TM M92fs with the fixed hop up, I once out sniped a sniper with that thing at 30m. Damn it was accurate.

A few years ago though TM released a new model the M9A1 with rejigged internals for more kick and now with their adjustable VSR style hop up as well as a rail for under barrel attachments. I wanted one, so I got the Jill Valentine Samurai Edge A1 version. I loved this thing from the moment I laid hands upon it, the realistic weight, the high quality of the new plastics and now a functioning de-cocker/safety. It shoots incredibly well too, as you would come to expect from a TM. I’m not really one to keep things stock though, I don’t know why but I always feel a gun can perform a little better (check out my Project Guns article to see how successful I am at upgrading). The first thing I always get for my pistols is Nineball (Laylax) gas routers for the magazines, these are super cheap and really effective at bumping fps a bit as they create a better seal between the router and the nozzle. Then I put in a Nineball (Laylax) 6.02 steel barrel and swapped the hop rubber out for a soft Firefly one (seriously these things are amazing). It’s now super accurate, has great range and consistency and is a genuine pleasure to skirmish with. I didn’t stop there though…

Having nailed the performance it was time to change the aesthetics. The Samurai Edge A1 comes from TM all black with a silver barrel and it looked very good but I wanted something a bit more memorable. I wanted my Samurai Edge to look like Wesker’s, with much chrome and black two tone. I spent time on some airsoft forums and managed to track down a silver TM M9A1 lower frame and then got to work swapping out the guts of the pistol to the shiny new lower, slapped on the back slide and the glorious two tone faux wood grips and boom. My own Samurai Edge was created. I love this thing. As far as I know it’s unique. I’ve not seen another like it, yet. To me it is perfect, plastic and all. It shoots like a dream, looks like one too but more importantly it makes me smile. It’s just so much damn fun to use.

Of course it has its foibles, the dodgy de-cocker design, the plastics used scratch and dent easily, and the sights weren’t great until I modified them a bit but I don’t care. When I’m using this gun I feel like a member of S.T.A.R.S on some daring mission, it’s got that magic factor about it which most guns just don’t have. It’s a truly special sidearm to me. I hope you know what I’m talking about, it’s not just a gun. It’s my gun.



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