Today I’m going to introduce you to the concept that is Casualsoft, in all its wondrous glory. Casualsoft is a way of playing Airsoft that my buddy Rufus and I came up with a few years ago when we were both young and poor. Now that we’re not so young and poor we still practice it often to great effect. What is it you ask? Basically we play in casual clothes, no camo, ‘tactical’ clothing or anything like that. Bear minimum gear, only enough to carry mags and ammo. None of those massive backpacks you see people carting around on top of a massive plate carrier, seriously how do those guys not melt to death in summer? Lightweight is basically what I’m saying, paired up with comfortable clothes and it really is a super combination. We feel it creates a relaxed day’s gameplay and not being uncomfortable or hot really ups the enjoyment factor. I should mention that we only play casual soft at our local urban sight as crawling through mud and undergrowth in a check shirt is hardly good for concealment or the shirt.

A lot of the time when you go out Airsofting you see people draped head to toe in three layers of camouflage, plate carrier, backpack, balaclava and then helmet or gas mask. Now a lot of these guys look cool as fuck but it can’t be comfortable. I know everyone is different but I personally feel restricted the more gear I wear. Hell I hate wearing eye pro, I only wear it because, you know, I like the gift of sight (check out The Boring Basics for more on eye pro). The less the better in my opinion and as Airsofters we are lucky enough to not need to carry any lifesaving and very heavy armour.

Saying all this it’s probably obvious but we came up with Casualsoft as an excuse for not having enough money to buy nice combat gear. For years I used to wear a pair of old Next cargo trousers to skirmishes or an old pair of jeans, then a shirt or t-shirt and hoodie in winter. You really don’t need to spend a fortune or indeed any money on airsoft clothes, you can have just as much if not more fun in a t-shirt and jeans as a full camo uniform. Of course if you’re going for a specific look or loadout, don’t let what I stay stop you. This is more an idea that you don’t have to look like a Navy Seal to play airsoft, but of course the tactical beard helps. Everyone knows that.



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